Fine Fragrance Story

OMEGA and fragrance: anything in common?

More than you might think.

Like the watch, the fragrance conveys the essence of the wearer’s personality. Just as there is a subtle complicity between the watch and its owner, there is an understated bond between a man and the fragrance he chooses.

Like the watch, the fragrance is in direct contact with his skin. His watch is the first accessory he puts on in the morning and the last one he takes off at night (if, indeed, he takes it off). He also puts his fragrance on before he leaves the house in the morning and it will be an intimate expression of his personality throughout the day.

Like the watch, the fragrance is made in Switzerland.

Master perfumer Alberto Morillas, the legendary “nose” behind some of the world’s most successful perfumes for women and men, was asked to create a fragrance which would express the essence of OMEGA: authenticity, substance and innovation. It also needed to project the qualities which characterize OMEGA’s customers: courage, self-confidence and independence.

Aqua Terra Eau de Toilette pour Homme is distributed exclusively at OMEGA Boutiques

  • 50ml Bottle REF: 791E0002
  • 100ml Bottle REF: 791E0001


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