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Restoration of vintage OMEGA watches:

Only highly qualified watchmakers are in a position to carry out restoration work. Such specific and highly qualified work is carried out by a small team of specialists in the manufacture and restoration of Omega Vintage watches at our workshop in Biel and at George Somlo's OMEGA Vintage Store in London.

The precision and quality of a movement depends on the workmanship of each component. For this reason, the Omega workshops are equipped with the best tools and machines required for meticulous and precise work. At Omega, customer service takes top priority.

Restoration work is carried out on the case, the dial and the movement. In order to ensure quality work, we carry out full restorations only, in order to be able to offer a 24 month warranty.

Servicing a watch with a soul and a history

Before restoration work is started, the customer receives a detailed cost estimate. The restoration work itself involves restoring faulty parts to their original condition and replicating any missing parts.

The cost estimate is given in hours for labor, with the cost of the watch-parts added to this.

Once the restoration work is finished, the watch is returned to the customer with a certificate, signed by the watchmaker, containing the main historical data about the watch together with information on the work carried out. All this, as well as a photograph of the watch, is packed into a special box.

The restoration team is not a profit centre, its prices are calculated at cost.

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