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The best place to buy a bit of OMEGA history

Have you ever considered owning an OMEGA timepiece from another era? Perhaps you picture yourself wearing an early Speedmaster or a stylish watch produced in the year you were born. OMEGA Vintage Watches makes it possible.

The popularity of vintage OMEGA watches was underscored in 2007 when Omegamania, a themed auction focused entirely on the brand’s classic timepieces, drew worldwide attention and secured winning bids which were well in excess of the pre-auction estimates.

The results shouldn’t have been surprising. For more than 160 years, OMEGA’s timepieces have been synonymous with pioneering spirit and horological innovation.

At the Burlington Arcade in London is OMEGA Vintage Watches, the first and only specialist store completely dedicated, as its name suggests, to classic OMEGA timepieces.

Under the proprietorship of George Somlo, one of the world’s leading authorities on historic and vintage timekeeping devices, OMEGA Vintage Watches offers a wide selection of products representing OMEGA’s entire history.

Any OMEGA enthusiast will be dazzled by the OMEGA watches on display and impressed by George Somlo’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the brand.

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