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The America’s Cup, the world’s most famous and prestigious sailing competition, took place in San Francisco in 2013 and OMEGA was proud to support ETNZ and its skipper, Dean Barker, at all of the events leading up to and including the finals.

For the 34th edition of the America’s Cup in 2013, ETNZ presented the AC72, a remarkable high-tech catamaran, which took its name from its imposing length (72 feet/22 metres). The boat is capable of reaching top speeds that are twice the wind speed – a testimony to its remarkable engineering. The AC72 is equipped with television cameras and microphones, which allowed an unprecedented level of media coverage. Fans had better access than ever before to thrilling races that required sailors not only to be mentally tough but extraordinarily athletic. OMEGA was proud to have its logo and name featured on the catamaran.



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