The OMEGA Boutique on Fifth Avenue in New York City

New Yorkers have a tendency to feel that their city is a special place, and most visitors would agree with them. More tourists come to New York City than to any other place in America.

There’s something about New York City. Actually, there are a lot of somethings: there’s Times Square and Central Park. There’s the Empire State Building, Greenwich Village and the Statue of Liberty. There are the boroughs with their own unique personalities.

And of course, there’s Fifth Avenue, one of the world’s best-known streets, lined with some of the most prestigious luxury boutiques on Earth. One of these offers another reason to visit one of this great city: the OMEGA Boutique at 711 Fifth Avenue.

“There’s something about New York City.”

In the House of OMEGA

When visitors enter the OMEGA Boutique, they are warmly greeted by an international multilingual staff whose members are specialists in the brand’s product line. Display and sales areas are on each side of the ground floor towards the front of the store.

There is also an enclosed area where VIP guests can view the products undisturbed and at an unhurried pace.

Beyond the sales areas are special displays with showcases featuring OMEGA’s brand ambassadors on one side of the hall and selections from the Fine Jewellery and Fine Leather collections on the other. Many of these products are available exclusively at OMEGA Boutiques. There are also presentations dedicated to special launches and to seasonal products.

At the back of the shop, a staircase leads to the second floor where the after-sales service department is located. Here it is possible to receive expert consultation and warranty servicing on all OMEGA products.

The Fifth Avenue façade

Since the boutique was opened in April of 2009, its striking façade has attracted visitors from around the world, with the combined themes of the sun, water, the earth and, of course, time. Brilliant lighting illuminating the products in the show window represents the sun’s energetic light rays.

A stroke pattern above the displays casts shadows and reflects light – a perfect depiction of clouds, which gather water to generate the rain. Vertical tracks express rainfall. The rain, in turn, symbolizes time which is never still and which never returns in exactly the same form.

Finally, below the displays, chiselled and silvered glass represents an exposed cross section of the earth which conveys a history of time.

“…another reason to visit this great city…”

OMEGA Boutique, New York, NY

Get directions to the boutique


OMEGA Boutique

711 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10022
United States


T. +1 212 207 3333
F. +1 212 207 3736

Opening hours

Mon - Fri10:00am - 07:00pm
Sat10:00am - 06:00pm
SunNoon - 05:00pm

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