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Essential Choices

Our selection of the very best OMEGA watches and accessories
When searching for OMEGA’s most quintessential designs, look no further than these exemplary pieces. On this page, we’ve brought together some of our most popular choices, with each one typifying the history, excellence and style that has made OMEGA famous.

Wear What You Love

The most essential thing of all, is finding a piece that captures your heart. All the inspiration you need is right here, so take your time to explore our suggestions. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect.

Watches That Tell History

OMEGA has been to the deepest places on Earth, as well as the furthest edges of the moon. Heritage is an essential part of who we are, and every timepiece tells a story. In this selection, many of those stories are told.
“There is a seamless connection between OMEGA’s watches and its universe of accessories.”

The Choice Is Yours

These are just a few of the Essential Choices that best represent OMEGA. From here, you can discover many more styles, colours, materials and sizes throughout our entire range. Enjoy the search, and uncovering a piece that will become an essential part of your own daily wear.