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Give me the Moon

If you’ve promised your loved-one a gift of planetary proportions, we know the way to the lunar surface - we’ve been there many times. Of course, we also know that you may have oversold your moon-retrieval skills and are therefore in need of a spectacular back-up plan. Don’t worry – we’re here for you.

Find a beautiful alternative

As much as we love a bold gesture, we would strongly suggest that you stop searching under “rockets for sale” and start looking for something Swiss-made and luxurious. We have an amazing selection of watches, fine jewellery and accessories.

“The Moon is a gift everyone on Earth can share, so why not find something truly personal and launch your love mission right here on OMEGA’s website.”

Our Valentine’s Day selection

Finding the perfect gift can be difficult. Not as hard as bringing back the Moon perhaps, but still, a significant challenge. To help, we’ve curated a special Valentine’s Day selection to guide and inspire. You won’t find a Moon, but you will find a Moonwatch.