OMEGA's legacy of sports timekeeping is long and distinguished. Serving as Official Timekeeper since 1932, we have recorded numerous dreams at the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. At PyeongChang 2018, we are assuming our duties for the incredible athletes involved in both these sporting events.

Professional skier waiting in the start gate during Pyeongchang Olympic Games 2018

Blades of glory: How OMEGA times Speed Skating

To keep pace with the fastest, human-powered, non-mechanical-aided sport in the world, OMEGA's timekeepers are bringing an arsenal of high-tech equipment to the ice, including an electronic starting gun, lap counter, and in some events – information transmitting 'transponders' worn on the ankles of competitors.

1. Myria Photofinish Camera

2. Laser Photocells

3. Sided Display

4. Starting Gun

5. Lap Counter with Bell

6. Transponders

7. Timekeeping room

8. OMEGA Timer

9. Main Public Scoreboard

10. Transponder Decoder Box

OMEGA's Alpine Ski timekeeping reaches new peaks in 2018

Despite the 'blink and you'll miss it' pace of alpine skiing, OMEGA's timekeepers never lose sight of a competitor's performance, even as they speed down the course. "Snowgate" starting gates, infrared photocells and back-up Myria cameras recording 10.000 digital images per second, track every dramatic downhill moment, from start to finish.

1. Start Gate

2. Start Clock

3. Infrared Photocells

4. Main Public Scoreboard

5. Timing Room

6. Motion Sensor

7. OMEGA Timer

8. Antenna for Motion Sensor

OMEGA's Ice Hockey tech gets among the players

Ice Hockey is fast and often furious, but OMEGA’s timing and scoring system instantly relays all the necessary information and live time from each game to the scoreboards and beyond. Officials on the ice are fitted with OMEGA’s Whistle Detection System, and motion sensors - attached to the backs of players – provide essential in-game data.

1. OMEGA Timer

2. Public Scoreboard

3. Whistle Detection System

4. Motion Sensor

5. Antenna for Motion Sensor


This new Olympic Games sport involves competitors performing tricks after launching off very large jumps. To keep the thrills on high spin, each Judge’s Keypad is linked to OMEGA’s Timing and Scoring Room, allowing instant transmission of results to athletes and spectators. OMEGA will also attach motion sensors to the boots of the athletes to capture Big Air stats mid-flight.

1. Judge’s Keypad

2. Public Scoreboard

3. Motion Sensor

4. Antenna for Motion Sensor

…"In stark contrast to OMEGA's first Winter Olympic Games in 1936, timed with just 27 stopwatches, 230 tons of timekeeping equipment will be used in Korea"…


Not every piece of timekeeping equipment is cutting edge. OMEGA's bells, which are used to signal the final lap in speed skating, have been virtually unchanged for centuries.

Omegas bell used during the 2016 olympic games in Rio



On 27 occasions since 1932, OMEGA has fulfilled the role of Official Timekeeper at the Olympic Games. From the start line to the scoreboard, we have been in charge of every second in every event.

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