How the Trésor gets its diamonds

Go behind-the-scenes of OMEGA’s superb craftsmanship, where a delicate touch is required at every step.

Close-up of the case of a Trésor watch

When you take your first look at the OMEGA Trésor collection, the balance of vintage couture and modern luxury instantly shines through.

On the one hand, you have the radiant diamond paving that curves seductively along the side of each case. Yet on the other hand, you have the satisfying and snug fit of a fabric strap, which gives the timepiece a relaxed and contemporary feel.

Closeup of a diamond

So how did OMEGA achieve this seamless combination of styles? The classic design elements were a key ingredient. Inspiration for these came from the brand’s renowned tradition of women’s watchmaking, such as the beautifully slim cases and elegant hands.

  • Watchmaker placing a diamond
  • Watchmaker placing a diamond on the Trésor watch
  • Watchmaker placing diamonds on the side of the Omega Trésor
  • Watchmaker placing diamonds on the side of the Omega Trésor watch

But OMEGA also knows that style must evolve, which is why its Trésor is also immersed in forward-thinking ideas. Slick lacquered dials, luscious colours and graceful Roman numerals all combine to exude a fresh young energy that gives the collection its own personality.

For the diamond paving on each model, OMEGA begins by selecting the perfect size stones. Ranging from small to large, each one has to fit exactly within the indentations of the case. The watchmaker then uses a small setter’s tool to delicately place each one in position, before pressing down to fix them within the clasps. Then, an expert polish brings the entire case to its beautiful mirror finish.

  • Closeup of the finished Trésor watch case
  • Close-up of the caseback of the Trésor watch
The finished Trésor watch in its watch box

Such expert craftsmanship gives the Trésor a wonderfully refined look and feel. And the results are sure to catch your eye when you first open the box!