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Speedy Tuesday in Frankfurt

OMEGA takes guests on a journey through time and space with legendary astronaut Charlie Duke – the youngest person to walk on the moon.

OMEGA’s Speedy Tuesday events are continuing to make an impression around the world, with the latest edition taking place in Frankfurt, Germany. For fans of the famous Speedmaster chronograph, the day was a chance to hear about OMEGA’s timepiece history and also get a real-life understanding of space exploration from a man who has launched beyond Earth on many famous occasions.

Legendary astronaut Charlie Duke was the guest speaker for the Speedy Tuesday event and gave some rare insight into his incredible career.

Duke served in five different Apollo missions, including his role as a member of the astronaut support crew for Apollo 10, as well as the CAPCOM for Apollo 11. After standing in as backup Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 13, General Duke then served as Apollo 16’s Lunar Module Pilot in 1972. On that mission, he and John Young landed at the Descartes Highlands and conducted three EVAs, making Duke the 10th and youngest person to walk on the moon. He famously left a photo of his family on the lunar surface during the stay of 71 hours and 14 minutes.

Duke wasn’t the only guest to speak at the Speedy Tuesday event. Host Robert-Jan Broer, Founder of Fratello watches, also conducted a stage interview with Jean-Claude Monachon, OMEGA Vice President, Product and Customer service. He was able to give guests an exciting glimpse into the Speedmaster’s past and future.

The #SpeedyTuesday movement was started in 2012 by Robert-Jan Broer and has gained more and more followers in the years since then. Through Limited Edition timepieces and global events, OMEGA has been proud to support this special online community and share in the global passion for the first watch worn on the moon.