It’s Paulina’s time

In February, Monobob celebrated its debut at the Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games.

Happy Valentine's day

A short romantic poem about a long-lasting love affair.

The “Chocolate” Planet Ocean

A sweet temptation that will melt any watch lover’s heart.

Support for Vulnerable Mothers

How OMEGA’s partnership with Viva Rio is helping women in the Olympic host city.

The Constellation Tahiti

Dreams of the South Pacific are brought to life on the dial of OMEGA’s newest watch.

Parisa Tabriz - Silicon Valley’s royal hacker

Parisa Tabriz has broken down more than a few barriers and is somewhat of an icon in Silicon Valley. Not only because she is a woman in a still male dominated world, but she is also at the top of her field at the tender age of 32. As Google’s self-appointment “Security Princess”, she heads up a team of hacking experts protecting billions of users of the world's most popular search engine.

The Speedmaster "Dark Side of the Moon"

A new Moonwatch with true star quality.

The grand finale

As the days grow shorter, they become more stressful. Reason enough to rejoice in the tradition of the Women’s Little Christmas.

Celebrating Cindy

OMEGA looks back at its 20 year partnership with the world’s most iconic supermodel.

The Jewellery effect

How the harmony of OMEGA’s world can bring an entire outfit to life.

The Prestige "Dewdrop"

Soft, glowing and pure – perfect for melting the winter cold.

Ladies’ First

OMEGA’s Early Watches for Women

James Bond for dinner

Galore. Pussy Galore. Or: Ryder. Honey Ryder. That may not sound quite as cool as it does for an agent of Her Majesty’s Secret Service; nevertheless, everyone knows who we are talking about: the Bond Girls. Sexy, mysterious, confident. A breed apart. Strictly speaking, an endangered species, if we consider their on-screen mortality rate. The question of who his female counterpart will be in the next Bond film excites the world’s media every year.

Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M

Every day brings a new adventure. For those who want to face it in captivating style - the secret is out.

Image of an Icon

Idolized for her riveting screen presence, Nicole Kidman is also worshipped by some of the world’s leading photographers

Five noteworthy inventions created by women

Nothing is more powerful than a good idea whose time has come. Some notable women have demonstrated it impressively.

Elena Serova – Life Above Earth

Elena Serova - The fascinating journey of a young Russian Cosmonaut blazing a trail in space.

Drawing on History

An OMEGA “timeline” as you’ve never seen it before