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The beauty of movement

Artist Garance Doré on capturing the movement and mystery of a woman’s beauty.

Taking a look

How a single glance transformed women’s watches forever…

A time to dream

Garance Doré’s love affair with a Ladymatic timepiece.

Nicole Kidman

Garance Doré talks to Nicole Kidman about inspirations, women’s rights and passing the time.

A story of brains and beauty

Celebrating 60 years of an OMEGA icon and how it shaped the world of women’s watches.

Laila Fathi – A career flying high

"Whatever I do in life, it will be with a positive spirit. For me, it's important to help people, to encourage people, and to care about the environment. I really want to change the world somehow."

Rebooting the system

Women and technology? Of course. Now the right update just has to be installed in a few heads.

Making of a typeface

Nothing was left to chance when OMEGA looked to the past to create the typeface of the future.

The Ladymatic "Luxury Dial"

"All flowers are beautiful in their own way. Just like women."