In the classic fairytale of the Princess and the Pea, this is where the story begins. But certainly not where it ends.

The girl who arrives at the royal kingdom claims to be a princess. But it will take a special test to solve the mystery.

As everybody knows, a true princess can only live in pure luxury. So will she notice when a pea is secretly placed beneath the piles of mattresses she sleeps on?

Of course! And, just like the best fairytale, she passes the test, marries the prince and lives happily ever after.

But can something so delicate really create such a stir?

Anybody who tries on the OMEGA De Ville “Dewdrop” will soon see that it can. With a bracelet made up of tiny golden droplets, it is designed to avert your attention. And unlike the princess, who endured a sleepless and uncomfortable night, you’ll notice how wonderful this timepiece feels on your wrist.

The watch of your dreams?

It might just be.

OMEGA De Ville Dewdrop