Hollywood’s dream machine embodies glamour like no other industry. It’s no wonder that the great designers use these eye-catching runways for their latest and most exclusive tours de force. What our favorite celebrities wear to today’s major awards ceremonies might be tomorrow’s trends. Thus, hosts of fashion and beauty experts constantly analyze the creations worn by prominent stars under the spotlight. Is the silhouette slim? Is the hem at the ankles? Are the shoulders bare? One thing seems certain. The more prominent, successful and renowned the luminary, the greater the radiance.

In this awards season, Oscar winner Nicole Kidman’s star qualities once again project far beyond the big screen. With charm and self-confidence, she wears outfits that emphasize her personality rather than pushing themselves into the foreground. In doing so, she brings – in her own way – the style of the Hollywood icons of the 50s and 60s into the modern age. A legendary epoch: the dream factory was never more elegantly presented than in those decades. Today, Nicole Kidman artfully combines classic elements with refined details and original vintage accessories.

On various occasions, historic Omega models could be admired on the actress’s wrist. Among the coveted collectables were the so-called “secret watches”, whose dials and precious mechanical movements are hidden discreetly inside their opulent bracelets. A creation as clever as it is captivating because the unwritten rules of traditional dress codes frown on sporting a visible watch with evening wear. It shouldn’t convey the impression that time matters. By day, the watch is a tool that keeps us organized; when the sun goes down, the impressive piece of jewelry complements the pleasures of the evening. The prestigious vintage Omega watches from the 50s and 60s that complement Nicole Kidman’s wardrobe are, with their intricate designs and hundreds of diamonds, undoubtedly true gems – and yet they show the time precisely and discreetly. Timing is ultimately crucial in acting. Why should it be any different on the red carpet?

With a flair for fashion, Nicole Kidman not only inspires anyone who loves retro glamour, she also solves an apparent paradox: the timelessness of artful timekeeping. Watches of such precision and beauty that they take their own time and connect the past with the present.