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15 September 2003

Anna Kournikova star guest at launch of OMEGA Bijoux in Taiwan


Prestige watchmaker OMEGA invited one of its star brand ambassadors, Anna Kournikova, to Taiwan for the launch of its OMEGA Bijoux collection in the country. When Anna arrived, she was greeted by many excited fans who had been queuing for several hours to catch a glimpse of her. <br/> <br/>

Outside the famous Breeze Center, which houses an OMEGA Boutique, the brand had erected a giant billboard displaying the "Griffes" Bijoux collection advertised by brand ambassador Anna. The Breeze Center is a huge shopping centre located on the main thoroughfare of Tapei City. The eleven storey building is made up of numerous stores selling luxury goods. Outside the Center, the crowd gazed in admiration as Anna was lifted high up in a crane to sign the billboard.

Next, the OMEGA ambassador visited the brand's Boutique in the Breeze Center. She posed for individual photos with each of the first ten customers who purchased OMEGA Bijoux during the pre-sale organised in Taiwan. These ten clients were delighted to meet the famous tennis player. 60 lucky fans were allowed inside the Boutique to receive Anna's autograph. The star ambassador promoted the brand superbly, her "Symbole" necklace perfectly complementing the OMEGA Constellation Quadra watch on her wrist.

In the evening, VIP guests enjoyed a Gala Dinner. Anna arrived wih OMEGA President Stephen Urquhart, who had flown in especially for the launch. The star wore an eye-catching dress against which the diamond-encrusted Bijoux were perfectly offset. Anna held the audience spell-bound as she modelled samples from the collection on an especially set-up catwalk.

OMEGA looks forward to expanding its range of products in Taiwan and is confident that the Bijoux Collection will be received as the ideal complement to OMEGA's prestige timepieces. For more on-line information about OMEGA Bijoux, visit the OMEGA Bijoux website


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