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13 January 2004

OMEGA Opened its First Flagship Store in Beijing in presence of Silver Hawk - Michelle Yeoh and Richie Jen


Before the heeling of China's traditional Spring Festival, the Prestige Swiss watch manufacturer OMEGA opened its first downtown flagship store in Beijing Grand Hyatt Hotel today. Michelle Yeoh, international movie star and Richie Jen, OMEGA Ambassador joined Kevin Rollenhagen, Vice President of OMEGA China & Hong Kong, to officiate the opening of this new flagship store. Mr. Gary Zhang, Vice Director, Retailing of Beijing Hengdeli Watch Co Ltd., attended the opening ceremony.

The 117-square metre OMEGA flagship store is located at the premium shopping area at the upper ground floor of the Beijing Grand Hyatt Hotel, which is considered as one of the most potential deluxe shopping area in the coming future. Around 200 guests, celebrities and key media attended the event - the first OMEGA flagship store opening in 2004.

Kevin Rollenhagen, Vice President of OMEGA, was excited to see the first OMEGA flagship store in Beijing. He said:"OMEGA always thinks highly of Chinese market and develops the market proactively. Beijing is a strategically important market for OMEGA in China. Through the opening of this flagship store, we hope OMEGA's pursuit of precision, perfection and accomplishment can be better communicated to our consumers.

The OMEGA flagship store opened at the same time with the premiere of the Asia's action blockbuster "Silver Hawk". As the major sponsor of the movie, OMEGA invited heroine and hero Michelle Yeoh, international movie star, and Richie Jen, OMEGA Ambassador to the opening ceremony, making the event even more glorious. Richie Jen became OMEGA ambassador since 2002; and Michelle Yeoh said she was honored to work with OMEGA through the past movie cooperation of Die Another Day and Double Eagle Launch in the OMEGA Hong Kong Open 2003. In addition, a short sketch, which is part of the Flying Hawk, performed by two models made audience find everything new and fresh; their eye-catching stage dresses are an eye-opener for the audience. The following passionate and auspicious traditional Chinese lion dance show pushed the opening ceremony into its climax.

The flagship store is a new marketing initiative by OMEGA in the 21st century. In 2000, OMEGA opened its first flagship store in the world and shortly afterwards, introduced this concept into China market. In 2002, OMEGA opened its first flagship store in Shenyang, China and then spread it to Beijing, Dalian, Ningbo, Shanghai, Wenzhou, Kunming, Anshan, Hangzhou and Hong Kong in less than two years. Up to now, OMEGA has 15 flagship stores in China, accounting for more than two third of the total flagship stores in the world. The Ningbo flagship store, opened in September 2003, is OMEGA's largest store in the Asia Pacific region, and also the second largest flagship store in world, only next to its flagship store in Paris. The OMEGA's flagship stores are milestones in the company's splendid history, and show its grand mission in the future.


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