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25 March 2004

OMEGA ambassador Anna Kournikova visits the Triple Crown Final


Prestige Swiss watchmaker Omega was proud to be associated with the final event in the Triple Crown Endurance Challenge Series. As Official Timekeeper of the event, the brand's presence reminded spectators and competitors that the crucial timing of the endurance event is backed by over 150 years of history in watchmaking, including over a century of experience in timing the world's most prestigious sporting events. <br/>The presence of brand ambassador Anna Kournikova undoubtedly added a further touch of glamour to the event.

Omega's historical presence in timekeeping international sporting events is the envy of many watch brands. Having been appointed the first official timekeeper of all Olympic disciplines at the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, the brand with the Greek letter was subsequently appointed as official timekeeper to 20 further Olympic Games over the past century, constantly pioneering in the timekeeping technology along the way. Such was Omega's prowess in this field that it received the Olymp "exceptional services to the world of sport".

The relatively young sport of endurance racing is a great challenge not only for the competitors and their steeds, but also for the timekeepers and even for the spectators, on account of the distances covered. In the third and final race in the $1.5 million Triple Crown Endurance Challenge Series, over a distance of 140 kilometres, intermediate times were required at five veterinary gates, where each horse arriving is checked before being allowed to continue. A complete overview of all times needed to be maintained throughout the race, for which the maximum ride time was 11 hours and 50 minutes.

Omega particularly admires the spirit of the endurance races, where horse and rider must work together yet respect their limits in order to succeed. Having been established in 1848, over the past century and a half Omega has grown into one of the world's biggest watch brands precisely because its timepieces are built to endure. The brand was therefore proud to see its star ambassador Anna Kournikova present one of its prestige timepieces to the winner as a fitting tribute to their own level of endurance.

The importance that Omega attaches to this event in one of its major markets was further underlined by the presence of Omega President Stephen Urquhart and Mrs Nayla Hayek, a member of the Swatch Group board of directors, who is also President of Switzerland's Arabian horse breeders' association and a member of the European Conference of Arab Horse Organizations and the World Arabian Horse Organization