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24 February 2004

OMEGA's Choice: Beijing hosts launch of new "Choices" Advertising Campaign


Prestigious international watchmaker OMEGA launched its new global advertising campaign, Choices, in Beijing with the help of the campaign's star subjects, OMEGA ambassadors Cindy Crawford, Qi Qi, Simon Yam and Richie Jen. Choices speaks to the heart of the OMEGA mystique by providing a uniquely artistic take on the choices made by these international celebrity ambassadors in both their careers and personal lives. The celebrities helped launch the new campaign in China from the OMEGA flagship store at the Grand Hyatt, where they were joined by OMEGA President Mr Stephen Urquhart and Mr Kevin Rollenhagen, Vice President of OMEGA China and Hong Kong.

Stephen Urquhart commented on the new global advertising platform, saying "The Choices campaign represents a new face for OMEGA around the world. The campaign celebrates the power of the individual to chart their own destiny based on the same search for perfection, elegance and beauty that guides OMEGA's hand in crafting the world's finest timepieces. I encourage the many fans of our OMEGA ambassadors in China to stop by the OMEGA Choices Gallery in the Grand Hyatt where they can witness a unique behind-the-scenes perspective of what makes these international superstars the perfect embodiment of the OMEGA brand."

In keeping with the dramatic imagery of the Choices campaign, Qi Qi, Simon Yam, Richie Jen and Arthur Elgort made a spectacular appearance at the launch to greet the attending media and assembled guests. The stars then discussed their experiences from the adventurous personalised photo shoots. Afterwards, special guests Cindy Crawford and Stephen Urquhart related their experiences from shooting the campaign in New York with Anna Kournikova and Pierce Brosnan and were joined by fashion photographer Arthur Elgort, OMEGA's choice to capture the images for the campaign. Elgort shed light on the campaign's creative concept, which placed the stars in natural settings and environments that stressed the individual choices they have made in both their careers and personal lives. The result is a refreshingly new take on the lives and personalities of these intriguing luminaries.

Finally, Qi Qi, Simon and Richie celebrated the official launch by unveiling the campaign images to the public and autographing their individual Choices ads.

Later the same evening, OMEGA hosted a gala dinner that featured another unique juxtaposition of setting and scene, this time at 798 Space, a warehouse that was transformed into a photo gallery to display the images from the Choices campaign and the behind-the-scenes snapshots taken during the photo shoots. The OMEGA ambassadors viewed the gallery along with over 150 celebrity guests from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and elsewhere in China. The list party was attended by film star Michelle Yeoh, famous pianist Kong Xiangdong, artist Chen Yifei, Olympic Gymnastic Gold Medallist Li Xiaoshuang and other top celebrities.

The exhibition was followed by a gala dinner and party. Following the event, the photos were put on public exhibit next to the OMEGA flagship store at the Shopping Mall of the Beijing Oriental Plaza from 25 February to 10 March 2004.