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5 March 2004

OMEGA star brand ambassador Anna Kournikova launches the OMEGA Bijoux collection in Singapore, in support of charity.


Prestige watch manufacturer OMEGA brought to Singapore, for the first time, its highly successful jewellery collection, known as Bijoux, which made its international debut in Paris in April 2002.

For the occasion, OMEGA specially flew in one of its star brand ambassadors,

the tennis celebrity Anna Kournikova, to officially launch the collection. It

was Anna’s first visit to Singapore.

The Bijoux collection comprises jewellery pieces that bear the distinctive

hallmarks of OMEGA, such as the famous claws of the Constellation watches in

the “Griffes” line and the Greek letter ? - the last letter in

the Greek alphabet, standing for accomplishment and perfection - in the “Symbole” line.

Like all OMEGA watches, each item in the Bijoux collection benefits from expert

design vision and is manufactured to the strictest OMEGA quality standards

using only the most precious materials. The Bijoux collection comprises elegant,

classic pieces: jewellery distilled to its purest and most fluid form.

Said Stephen Urquhart, President of OMEGA, who was also in Singapore to preside

over the event, “We are proud to bring the Bijoux collection to Singapore,

which is an important market to us. The watch market here is very sophisticated

and we felt it was timely and appropriate to expand our range of products and

introduce the Bijoux collection to complement our timepieces. I am certain

the Bijoux collection will do well, as have our ladies’ watch collections,

especially the highly popular OMEGA Constellation series.”

The official launch by Anna Kournikova, accompanied by Mr Urquhart, took place

in a grand ceremony at South Galleria 3 at Millenia Walk. An Oriental theme

was chosen for the event. Anna, who looked stunning in a specially designed

qipao, was given a rousing welcome by lion dancers. After the fanfare, she

signed off on a billboard with the Chinese character “bao”, written

in calligraphy. “Bao” means “precious” in reference

to the jewellery. Anna was invited to complete the Chinese character by inking

in the final stroke. She then autographed it and put her seal on it with her

name in Chinese. This auspicious moment was marked by another performance by

the lion dancers who then proceeded to unveil two scrolls depicting two rings

from the Bijoux collection.

After the launch, Anna and Mr Urquhart proceeded to the Cortina watch boutique

at Millenia Walk to view the Bijoux collection. The collection is exclusively

available at Cortina.

In addition to the inauguration of the Bijoux collection, OMEGA also introduced

a new edition of its popular Speedmaster Automatic model for ladies in three

retail outlets -Cortina, Sincere and The Hour Glass – which showcase

the OMEGA watch collection. Only three exclusive pieces of this new OMEGA Speedmaster

Automatic with Diamonds are available in Singapore. In conjunction with the

launch, OMEGA donated three of these watches (one at each retail outlet) for

auctioning, among the outlets’ customers, for charity.

A sum of S$37,386 raised from the auction went to The Straits Times School

Pocket Money Fund. The fund, set up on October 1, 2000, supports families in

financial trouble, by providing pocket money to their school-going children.

Mr Urquhart remarked: “OMEGA is proud to be able to contribute to this

worthy fund which benefits children as OMEGA supports UNICEF in its long-held

philosophy of helping charity.”

Anna visited each retail outlet to present the donated OMEGA watch to the

highest bidder and to meet its VIP customers.

Anna Kournikova capped her visit to Singapore with an appearance at a gala

dinner held at The Four Seasons Singapore, to present the Bijoux collection

to the public for the first time and where she handed over a cheque of all

the auction proceeds to Peter Khoo, the chairman of The Straits Times School

Pocket Money Fund.

A highlight of the evening was an auction of a tennis racquet autographed

by Anna and a fashion parade featuring the best in the OMEGA Bijoux and ladies’ watch

collections. Crowning the night of glamour was Anna’s appearance in a

dazzling gown, at the end of the fashion parade, to thunderous applause, wrapping

up an occasion to remember. She was also wearing exclusive collections from

Valentino, The Link, Ungaro, Inez, La Perla and Allan Chai throughout the day

and at the gala dinner.

Joining Anna in gracing the gala event was a host of OMEGA brand ambassadors

from Singapore and Malaysia. The Singapore brand ambassadors present that evening

were Fiona Xie, Ivy Lee and Eunice Olsen; from Malaysia, the brand ambassadors

were Ziana Zain and Amy Mastura.

The prestige watch manufacturer OMEGA has a history that spans over 150 years.

This includes pioneering experience in the many fields of watchmaking: from

precision competitions to sports timekeeping, from design awards to watches

for professional use in space or under water.

Over the years, OMEGA has itself developed considerable expertise in jewellery

making, having won several Oscars of the Diamonds International Award with

its first jewellery collections in the 1960s, as well as seven Golden Rose

of Baden-Baden awards for its jewellery in the 1970s and the city of Geneva

Prize in 1975. After a hiatus of several years, OMEGA returned to the world

of jewellery making in 2002.