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5 March 2005

First underwater national ice hockey match


The first official national ice hockey match under the ice, between Austria and Germany, ended in a friendly 8:8 (2:4/3:1/3:3) draw. A total of 16 goals, some tough underwater fights and action aplenty made for an ice hockey match that was out of the ordinary. Philipp von Heydebreck and Knut Stender of Germany had a 4:2 lead after the first period, whereas Austria's freedivers Christian Redl and Jaromir Foukal took the second period 3: 1. The decisive third period ended 3:3, bring the overall score to 8:8.

Turning the world of ice hockey upside down

Europe's highest bathing lake, the Weissensee in Kaernten, was the venue for the first official national ice hockey match between Austria and Germany "under the ice". The playing field measured 8 x 6 metres, the goals were fixed to the underside of the ice, the polystyrene puck floated under the ice and the players took it in turns to dive into the 2-degree-celsius water.


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