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8 September 2006

OEM 8 September 2006 - NEWS FROM THE GREENS


Record number of spectators

The OMEGA European Masters welcomed 11’500 spectators (3’000 more as for 2005) a record for the tournament.

Sergio Garcia makes the cut

After the two first rounds of the Omega European Masters, Omega Ambassador, Sergio Garcia made the cut today with scoring 5 under par (Round one 68 (-3); Round two 69 (-2); Total 137).

The winner of last year’s tournament is among the leaders in the competition and is in good spirits for tomorrow third round:

“ This has a home feel. It is always nice coming back here. It is a wonderful place, so pretty (…). The course is quite tricky. (..) I have been fortunate to do pretty well here so hopefully I can give myself a chance of defending my title.”


OMEGA EUROPEAN MASTERS:  impressive logistics

The Omega European Masters is the second sport event in Switzerland with a total budget of 9 million Swiss francs, and the highest prize-money with 3’160’000 Swiss francs (2 million euros) for the players. This golf tournament is also impressive in terms of logistics and resources it involves:

300 persons to take care of the course (communicating the results, taking care of the installations, etc..)

50 persons for the security

50 persons for the maintenance

120 specialist from the PGA European Tour Production for the TV footage

More than 200 media (journalists, photographers, TV reporters, etc…)

150 persons involved in the catering for the guests (VIPs, players and hospitality)

Regarding the infrastructure, the numbers are equally impressive with 5’800 m2 of tent, 3’000 spectator seats, 10 km of ropes and 750 meters of barriers.




First played


Most wins

3, Alex Ross, 1923, 25 and 26; Auguste Boyer, 1930, 34 and 35; Dai Rees, 1956, 59 and 63; Harold Henning, 1960, 64 and 65; Severiano Ballesteros, 1977, 78 et 89.

Consecutive wins

Alex Ross, 1925-26; Auguste Boyer, 1934-35; Harold Henning 1964-65; Roberto Bernardini, 1968-69; Severiano Ballesteros, 1977-78.

Youngest winner

Severiano Ballesteros, 20 and 99 days, 1977.

Oldest winner

Eduardo Romero, 46 and 55 days, 2000.

Lowest 18 hole score

60 (-12), Jamie Spence, 1992; 60 (-11), Baldovino Dassu, 1971.

Lowest under par winning score

261 (-27), Jerry Andersen, 1984.

Lowest final round by a winner

60 (-12), Jamie Spence, 1992.


Jerry Anderson, 1984; Eduardo Romero, 2000; Ricardo Gonzalez, 2001; Robert Karlsson, 2002.

Largest winning margin

10 shots, Eduardo Romero, 2000.

Biggest final round comeback by a winner

10 shots, Jamie Spence, 1992.


Manuel Piñero beat Antonio Garrido and Tony Johnstone, 1981; Ian Woosnam beat Bill Longmuir, 1982; Nick Faldo beat Sandy Lyle, 1983; Jamie Spence beat Anders Forsbrand, 1992; Sven Strüver beat Patrik Sjöland, 1998.



John Bland, 8th hole, round 4,

1983; Andrew Oldcorn, 8th hole, round 3, 1985; Armando Saavedra, 8th hole, round 1, 1990; Manuel Piñero, 3rd hole, round 3, 1992; Wayne Riley, 13th hole, round 2, 1995; Wayne Riley, 3rd hole, round 3, 1999; Domingo Hospital, 8th hole, round 4, 1999; John Mellor, 11th hole, round 4, 2000; Alexandre Chopard, 16th hole, round 3, 2003; Patrick Sjöland, 8th hole, round 4, 2003; Stephen Scahill, 8th hole, round 4, 2004.


Stephen Scahill, 8th hole, round 4, 2004.

Low cut

137 (-5), 1997.

High cut

154 (+10), 1974 and 76.



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