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26 March 2007

Theft from Omega’s boutique in Madrid


On the night of 8 March the Omega boutique in Calle José Ortega y Gasset in the upmarket district of Salamanque, Madrid, was broken into. Thieves broke down the front door with a car and proceeded to raid the store. A police investigation is under way.


A total of 44 luxury Omega time-pieces were stolen. The reference and serial numbers of the missing watches are listed below, and a new database is soon to be created on which will provide the opportunity to check whether a particular watch is one that has been stolen or not.


Salamanque is a residential area in the Spanish capital with strong links to the art and fashion world. Omega’s boutique, housing the group’s new collection of jewellery as well as luxury watches, is both stylish and spacious (450m2). It opened for business on 23 January this year, the latest such boutique marking a significant step in Omega’s ambitious worldwide retail expansion programme.


Integral to this programme were the recent openings in Shanghai, the group’s largest flagship store on the famous Nanjing Road which was unveiled by Omega ambassador Nicole Kidman, and Moscow, the first boutique in Russia opened on Red Square by the new James Bond, actor Daniel Craig. Even more recently, in November 2006, Nicole Kidman inaugurated a magnificent new boutique on the prestigious Rue du Rhone in the heart of Geneva.


Each of these beautifully appointed boutiques is an ideal showcase for the entire range of Omega’s exclusive products, a place where true lovers of horology can learn to understand and appreciate the unique spirit of Omega.


Serial numbers of the missing watches

81767910, 81652849, 59708237, 78073346, 81706966, 81750429, 78303157, 78310491, 78306621, 81327316, 81326601, 59880366, 81755201, 81713953, 81756980, 81771276, 81749114, 81715462, 81735000, 78112287, 59894832, 59924720, 59864766, 59963114, 59868034, 78120054, 80800517, 78202013, 81718912, 81717779, 81769038, 81714381, 78301980, 81602936, 81624136, 78305895, 81611322, 81605032, 78117172, 78119623, 78117347, 78250880, 78083567, 78080759