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25 July 2007

International Space Station Status Report


July 25, 2007 Expedition 15 Crew

The Expedition 15 crew had a light-duty day Tuesday following Monday's successful station reboost and a 7-hour, 41-minute spacewalk.


During Monday's spacewalk, Flight Engineer Clay Anderson jettisoned a 1,400 pound, refrigerator-size ammonia reservoir known as the Early Ammonia Servicer (EAS) by pushing it opposite of the station's direction of travel.


Anderson and Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin also installed a television camera support or stanchion, reconfigured a power supply for an antenna assembly, and performed several get-ahead tasks.


The docked ISS Progress 25 cargo craft fired its thrusters Monday for about 21½ minutes, raising the International Space Station's orbit. This reboost, along with a reboost performed Friday, provides the proper phasing for the upcoming Progress 26 launch and docking. The two reboosts cleared the station from the orbit of the jettisoned EAS and provides flight day three rendezvous opportunities when space shuttle Endeavour arrives on mission STS-118.


The Progress 24 cargo craft will undock from the Pirs docking compartment on Aug. 1, burning up in the Earth's atmosphere as it deorbits. Progress 26 is scheduled for launch on Aug. 2 and will reach the station on Aug. 5. Two days later on Aug. 7, space shuttle Endeavour is targeted for launch with a station rendezvous and docking planned for Aug. 9.