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4 October 2007

Last Man on the Moon celebrates Speedmaster’s 50th anniversary in Mexico


On the very same day that humanity celebrated the 50th anniversary of the start of the space age (Sputnik was launched October 4th, 1957), Mexico City gave a standing ovation to the last Man on the Moon.


Capt. Eugene “Gene” Cernan, space hero and former astronaut of Gemini IX, Apollo X and Apollo XVII missions, accepted the invitation of OMEGA to participate at Mexico’s first Salón Internacional Alta Relojería.


During his stay, Capt. Cernan visited OMEGA’s suite of the watch show, which celebrated on its very own way the also 50th anniversary of the iconic Speedmaster, “The first and only watch worn on the Moon”. While appreciating the limited series the Swiss watchmaker issued to commemorate this anniversary, Capt. Cernan stated:


“…little did they know (back in 1957), that this watch would go, … where no watch had gone before!”


After alternating a series of Press, Radio, TV, Web and Magazine interviews, Capt. Cernan still found energy to thrill a full house audience who gathered at the shows conference room to listen to the tales and advices of the man who went twice to the moon. Needless to point out that a warm and well earned standing ovation was the reward of a demanding journey.


On the next day, Capt. Cernan visited OMEGA’s corporate boutique on trendy Masaryk Av., leaving behind his signature on one of the very few 50th anniversary limited editions Speedmaster. This gesture will certainly draw the attention of collectors, making a special and rare piece even more special.