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25 April 2008

International Space Station Status Report


April 25, 2008 Expedition 17 Crew

Early Friday, the Jules Verne Automated Transfer Vehicle's main engines fired for 12 minutes, 15 seconds to complete a two-part reboost of the International Space Station.


This placed the orbiting complex at the correct altitude for docking of the Progress 29 resupply ship on May 16, two days after its launch. The reboost also placed the station in the proper configuration for the arrival of space shuttle Discovery on the STS-124 mission scheduled to launch May 31.


The Expedition 17 crew also wrapped up a productive work week filled with science experiments and station maintenance.


Flight Engineer Garrett Reisman continued working with Coarsening in Solid Liquid Mixtures-2, an experiment which examines the kinetics of competitive particle growth within a liquid metal matrix.


Commander Sergei Volkov conducted routine checks of the Zvezda Service Module audio subsystem which allows crew members to communicate with each other aboard the station.


The Expedition 16 crew members are in Star City, Russia, for debriefs and rehabilitation. Astronaut Peggy Whitson and cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko landed in the steppes of Kazakhstan on April 19 after 192 days in space.