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11 June 2008

100 metres in 30 seconds? Tyson Gay and OMEGA make time!


In the 30-second running length of a new television spot for OMEGA, the commercial’s star, Tyson Gay, could complete three 100-metre sprints with a second or so to spare. Olympic hopeful Gay is the reigning 100- and 200-metre world champion.

In order for the 100-metre sprint, from start to photofinish, to take a full thirty seconds (Gay routinely covers the distance in less than ten), the commercial’s producers relied creatively on slow-motion and freeze-frame images.


Co-starring with Tyson Gay are watches from OMEGA’s Olympic Collection, a selection of precision chronographs which pay special tribute to the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing and to OMEGA’s key contributions to the art and science of sports timekeeping.


In the commercial, as Tyson Gay crosses the finish line ahead of the field, the watch’s chronograph second hand freezes and above the OMEGA logo on the screen are the words, “We have the ability to stop time. Or to let it run.”


The commercial is going into wide international distribution this summer with broadcast to begin on four American networks in June and expanding to NBC affiliates in the USA and markets in Asia and Europe just ahead of (and throughout) the Olympic Games. Particularly heavy rotation is planned for China’s CCTV national and local audiences.


Tyson Gay is completely focused on the upcoming Games in Beijing. “The Olympic Games have been a dream of mine for the past few years,” he said. “When I was growing up I didn’t think I would ever be able to run for a gold medal. But right now the faster I get the closer I get to my dream and what I really want to do is bring home an Olympic gold medal to the US and to my family.”

OMEGA, the Swiss watchmaker, is celebrating its 160th anniversary this year and has a long, illustrious history in sports timekeeping. OMEGA will be serving as Official Olympic Timekeeper for the 23rd time in Beijing.