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1 August 2008

International Space Station Status Report


August 1, 2008 Expedition 17 Crew

Diagnostic Activities and Solar Eclipse Passes for the Station.


The International Space Station’s treadmill has been taken offline due to a torn belt. With no spare belt on board, experts are reviewing further diagnostics for the exercise device.


Ground controllers also are performing a diagnostic study of snare cables in the Latching End Effector (LEE) of the station’s robotic arm. The LEE is the robotic arm’s hand which attaches to grapple fixtures on the station. The snares have experienced “stickiness” when closing around the grapple fixtures in the past. Photographs and video will be taken of the snare cables to assist with the investigation.


On Friday, the space complex passed through the moon’s shadow twice as a solar eclipse moved from Canada to China. Though the Expedition 17 crew was unable to see the moon’s shadow during both passes the station’s solar arrays temporarily lost some power generation abilities.


Meanwhile, Commander Sergei Volkov and flight engineers Oleg Kononenko and Greg Chamitoff continue science and maintenance activities.