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18 December 2008

International Space Station Status Report


Expedition 18 Crew

The Expedition 18 crew members aboard the International Space Station are busy preparing for a spacewalk scheduled for Monday.


Commander Mike Fincke and Flight Engineer Yury Lonchakov tested the telemetry and communications systems of their Russian Orlan spacesuits Thursday. They also installed U.S. helmet lights onto both suits and installed one helmet camera onto Lonchakov's suit.


They later reviewed the timeline and procedures for a dry run to be performed Friday when they will wear the spacesuits, practice their movements and test their mobility.


Fincke and Lonchakov are scheduled to exit the Pirs airlock Monday around 7:15 p.m. EST for a six-hour excursion to install and retrieve science experiments from the station's exterior. They also will install a probe to measure electromagnetic potential around the Russian segment of the station that is suspected by Russian specialists to have contributed to the failure of Soyuz module separation bolts. Improper firing of these bolts resulted in steeper than expected re-entries for the Soyuz spacecrafts carrying the Expedition 15 and 16 crews back to Earth.