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19 June 2009



Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and NASA engineer James Ragan and Stephen Urquhart, president of OMEGA Watches were on hand to open an exhibition at the Hong Kong Space Museum celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission in July of 1969 when Aldrin, with his astronaut colleague Neil Armstrong, became the first men to walk on the Moon. The OMEGA Speedmaster Aldrin had strapped on his wrist was the first watch to be worn on another world and cemented a partnership between the watchmaker and NASA which continues to this day.

In his welcoming remarks, Chan Ki-hung, the Museum’s curator said, “The Hong Kong Space Museum is delighted to continue serving the public as a leading institution in Asia for public education in space exploration and astronomy and we are honored to host Dr. Aldrin and Mr. Ragan as Hong Kong celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first Moon landing.

Speaking about the event, Dr. Aldrin said, "It is wonderful to see the growing level of interest in space travel in Asia, especially following the recent success of China's Shenzhou VII astronauts, and I think it's fantastic that the Hong Kong Space Museum and OMEGA have partnered to bring these exhibits to Hong Kong for the first time ever."

In a special “Moonprint Ceremony”, Buzz Aldrin donated a copy of the famous footprint photographed on the surface of the Moon to the Museum and OMEGA president Urquhart contributed a replica of the Speedmaster worn by astronaut Frank Borman. The items will be part of the Museum’s permanent display.


James Ragan, whose official duties included the rigorous chronograph testing that ultimately led to the selection of the Speedmaster for every NASA manned flight since May of 1963, was impressed by the growing enthusiasm for continued space travel, commenting, "What we hope to communicate to everyone who attends the 'Beyond Time' exhibition is what an incredible achievement the Moon Landing was. With the recent pledges by the American and Chinese governments to pursue Moon missions again, we believe this will help captivate a whole new generation around the world."


OMEGA’s president Stephen Urquhart praised the Hong Kong Space Museum for its coordination of the exhibit, saying, “They have been outstanding partners, and it is a pleasure to work with an organization which is as enthusiastic about space travel as OMEGA,” adding, “OMEGA is delighted that you and they are here to commemorate the 40th anniversary of one of mankind's true technological triumphs, the Apollo 11 mission."


The public is invited to the “Beyond Time Exhibition”. More information is available online at