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15 October 2009

Cindy Crawford launches the new Constellation collection in London


The day after Cindy Crawford and George Clooney inaugurated OMEGA’s new global advertising campaign at London’s Saatchi Gallery, Crawford continued her busy schedule of London appearances on behalf of the Swiss-based watchmaker.

Crawford, who has been an OMEGA spokesperson since 1995, was in London to help in the launch of the re-designed Constellation line, which she has promoted since her earliest days with the brand.

Accompanied by OMEGA president Stephen Urquhart, Crawford’s working day started with visit to the OMEGA Boutique at London Westfield, where she autographed a box containing a new Constellation watch. The box and its contents were placed in a transparent safe which was locked and taken inside the shop where it is now on display.

A glittering evening in Mayfair

In the evening, Stephen Urquhart and Cindy Crawford hosted an exclusive VIP party at The Almada, a member’s-only club in London’s Mayfair district, to celebrate the new Constellation line. Guests at The Almada included celebrities from the worlds of sport and show business; Olympic gold medallists literally rubbed shoulders with popular actors and singers at the well-attended event. The evening’s music was played by DJ Roger Taylor of Duran Duran, who also introduced the co-hosts when they arrived.

The Constellation locked in the safe at the Westfield OMEGA Boutique also played an important role at The Almada. As guests were leaving the party, they were given an OMEGA Constellation pouch containing a key. Only one of the keys opens the safe and the lucky key holder will be the proud owner of the OMEGA Constellation presented in a box autographed by the most successful super model in fashion history.

The OMEGA Constellation – a dazzling configuration of stars

OMEGA’s Constellations with their distinctive “griffes” or claws have been among the most popular and recognizable wristwatches in the world since 1982. When Cindy Crawford started working with OMEGA in 1995, the Constellations famously became “Cindy’s Choice” in the company’s marketing and advertising campaigns. She has been associated with the iconic watch line ever since. Crawford and actresses Nicole Kidman and Zhang Ziyi are OMEGA’s global brand ambassadors for the Constellation line.