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7 December 2009

OMEGA’s art commemorates great moments in Olympic time


OMEGA has created three classic winter sport posters to celebrate its long connection with the Olympic Movement. The posters’ themes were selected for what they represent: one is a reminder of the unexpected and extraordinary performances which take place at every Olympic Games. Another is a testimony to the romantic perfection which was famously exhibited one Valentine’s Day more than twenty-five years ago. The third was created to honour the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games opening on the 12th of February.

1980 – remembering the “miracle on ice”

At Lake Placid in 1980, a group of American college students faced an experienced team of professional Soviet players in the ice hockey finals. At full time, the score was 4-3 in favour of the American underdogs. The poster features a silhouette of hockey players facing off at centre ice in the colours of the Soviet and American flags.


1984 – Torvill and Dean’s magical Valentine’s Day performance

The final day of the ice dancing competition at the Sarajevo 1984 Olympic Winter Games took place on St. Valentine’s Day. British skaters Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean danced magically to Ravel’s Bolero. Their passionate performance was awarded an unprecedented twelve perfect scores of six by the judges. This poster commemorates their flawless ice dance and this symbolic day of love.


2010 – the Games return to Canada

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games are represented by a stylized bobsleigh. The bobsleigh events, which will be contested at the Whistler Sliding Centre, have been among the main attractions at every Olympic Winter Games since they were inaugurated in Chamonix, France in 1924. The sleek, aerodynamic bobsleigh perfectly symbolizes both the current Games and the illustrious legacy of winter sport.


Commemorating an Olympic legacy

The posters will be used in OMEGA’s Olympic-themed promotions, including print advertising, billboards and its website, throughout the Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. They promote the spirit of the Olympic Movement and serve as a reminder that this year, the company is serving as Official Timekeeper for the 24th time.