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10 December 2009

OMEGA opens new Corporate Flagship store at Beijing Jinbao Place and unveils Co-Axial Advertising Exhibition


The top Swiss watchmaker OMEGA, a leading watch brand in the Chinese market, has added to its global network of corporate flagship stores, as it officially opened a new one at Beijing Jinbao Place today. Carlos Cardenas, the Head of Sales Far East and Travel Retail, and Wilson Yang, Vice President of OMEGA China, together with OMEGA ambassador Simon Yam, and watch collector and connoisseur, Alain Chung cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of the new store. Subsequently they attended the unveiling ceremony for the advertising exhibition of the “Co-Axial Campaign”, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of OMEGA’s revolutionary Co-Axial escapement.

New Corporate Flagship Store at Jinbao Place

To further demonstrate its commitment to China market since 1895, as well as to provide a prestigious new location for watch enthusiasts in Beijing, OMEGA opened its brand-new corporate flagship store at Jinbao Place, which has been positioning itself as one of the premier shopping streets in the world.


In the grand store opening ceremony, Wilson Yang said, “OMEGA has been consistently dedicated to expanding its flagship store network in China. It is our hope that the new store at Jinbao Place could be an ideal place for OMEGA fans and watch connoisseurs to appreciate the art of horology. We believe that OMEGA will keep up its leadership in the Chinese market in the years ahead.”


After the ribbon cutting ceremony, Wilson Yang guided Simon Yam on a tour of the store. Simon also spent time at the watchmakers’ bench, placing some components in a movement with the professional guidance of an OMEGA watchmaker.


This store offers OMEGA’s completely redesigned Constellation Collection, which is one of the most popular and recognizable wristwatches in the world. OMEGA’s other major watch lines are De Ville, Seamaster and Speedmaster. In addition to the timepieces on which OMEGA has built its reputation since 1848, the store at Jinbao Place also features OMEGA’s Fine Jewellery and Fine Leather Collections.


The OMEGA Jinbao Place Flagship Store façade has a natural concept with representations of sun, water, earth and of course, time, complemented by elegantly designed merchandise and store furnishings.


The OMEGA store has a specially-trained staff who are enthusiastic about sharing their unparalleled knowledge of one of the world’s most respected watch brands. The staff also includes a watchmaker who has a fully outfitted bench in the store, allowing visitors a chance to see how the horologists do their detailed, precision work on OMEGA’s legendary watches.


Co-Axial Advertising Campaign Celebrates Tenth Anniversary of Co-Axial

After the opening ceremony of the new flagship store, OMEGA unveiled the photograph exhibition of the Co-Axial Campaign (popularly known as the “Loupe Campaign” in the art gallery on the top floor of Jinbao Place.


Exhibited in the gallery was the entire series of the poster-sized reproductions of the advertisements, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of OMEGA’s revolutionary Co-Axial technology. This campaign features photographs of OMEGA’s high-profile ambassadors, including Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman, Zhang Ziyi and George Clooney, sporting or holding loupes, the magnifying glasses favoured by watchmakers.


The visuals were inspired by OMEGA’s award-winning “Watchmaker Wanted” campaign, which famously featured a photograph of George Clooney wearing a lab coat and a loupe.


The advertising texts have been written with reference to the ambassadors’ professional fields of endeavor and an aspect of OMEGA’s Co-Axial movements, fully capturing the persistence OMEGA has shown in multiple fields.


During the unveiling ceremony, Carlos Cardenas, the Head of Sales Far East and Travel Retail, introduced the extraordinary achievements made by OMEGA in the research and development of Co-Axial technology in the last decade. He went on to present collections of watches equipped with Co-Axial escapement which ensure greater accuracy over time.


Alain Chung, who is an established watch collector, expressed his admiration for OMEGA Co-Axial escapement, and said, “This unparalleled movement is sure to lead the revolution in mechanical watchmaking.”