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29 July 2010

OMEGA in Barcelona - Official Timekeeper at the 2010 European Athletics Championships


OMEGA is proud to be serving as Official Timekeeper at the 2010 European Athletics Championships in Barcelona. We are pleased to be able to bring the expertise we have developed at the world’s premiere sporting spectacles, including 24 Olympic Games, to one of the most exciting athletics meetings on earth. Our timekeepers and data handlers are on hand with tons of equipment and miles of optical fibre and cable. The team is being ably supported by more than specially selected and trained volunteers.

A photo finish in Barcelona


Photofinish frames are among the most iconic images associated with top-level athletics competition. This one, recorded by an OMEGA Scan’O’Vision photofinish camera, shows just how critical state-of-the-art sports timekeeping technology has become. In the final of the men’s 100-metre sprint at the European Championships in Barcelona, winner Christophe Lemaitre of France edged out three opponents who had identical official times. The Scan’O’Vision camera made it possible to determine, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Mark Lewis-Francis of Great Britain had defeated third-place finisher Martial Mbandjock of France by four thousandths of a second. Portugal’s Francis Obikwelu missed the podium by a mere three thousandths of a second.

Photofinish cameras were introduced to athletics competition by OMEGA at the London 1948 Olympic Games and have been an essential part of top-level sports timekeeping ever since.