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17 August 2010

OMEGA ambassador Tyson Gay visiting the Commemorative Exhibition on the history of sprint in Zurich


Tyson Gay attended the Commemorative exhibition on the history of sprint, in celebration of Armin Hary's Legendary 10.0 Race(s).

Tyson Gay was present at the OMEGA's booth in Zurich mainstation for the commemorative exhibtion on the history of sprint in regards to Weltklasse Zurich. Legend Armin Hary of Germany was also attending the event. He was 23 years old when he became the first man to run the 100 m in 10.0. One year after the two world records in the 110 m h and the 200 m h by his fellow countryman  Martin Lauer, Hary helped build the fame of Zurich's magic track at Letzigrund Stadium. He had to run twice within 35 minutes before his landmark result was accepted by the judges.