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10 June 2011

OMEGA comes to Florida's Aventura Mall.


OMEGA opened the newest member of its flagship boutique network at the popular Aventura Mall near Miami. The 888-square-foot OMEGA Boutique offers the brand’s entire product palette.


The opening was celebrated with a dinner at the Soho Beach House in the company of OMEGA President Stephen Urquhart who was joined by members of the press and invited guests from the Miami area.


The Aventura Boutique extends a network which is one of the defining parts of OMEGA’s retail strategy.  In December of 2000, the late Nicolas Hayek, then Chairman of the Swatch Group, made a bold announcement at the grand opening of the first OMEGA Boutique in Zurich. He said that OMEGA’s ambitious goal was to expand the corporate boutique network to include 50 retail shops devoted exclusively to OMEGA products within ten years.  By 2008, OMEGA had already met that target.  


The Aventura store, as one of fourteen OMEGA boutiques scheduled to open in the United States in 2011, is a central component of the next phase of the brand’s retail growth.


“There are a number of reasons for us to build up our network in the U.S.A. We are in a strong position thanks to our global success and we believe in America. We are confident that it is an ideal time to make this major commitment there,” said Stephen Urquhart, President of OMEGA.



Inside the OMEGA Boutique

When visitors enter the OMEGA Boutique, they will be warmly greeted by a staff who specialize in the 163-year-old watchmaker’s products. 


Beyond the sales area there are special displays with showcases featuring OMEGA’s brand ambassadors on one side of the hall and selections from the Fine Jewelry and Fine Leather collections on the other.  There are also designs dedicated to special launches and to seasonal products. 


The OMEGA Ladymatic, the brand’s newest line of mechanical watches for women, is also available in the boutique.


Expert after-sales service

One part of the Boutique is a customer service center offering expert consultation and warranty servicing on all OMEGA products.  The members of the specially-trained staff at OMEGA’s Boutique in Aventura are enthusiastic about sharing their unparalleled knowledge of one of the world’s most respected watch brands.


The façade

The design the OMEGA Boutique at the Aventura Mall is based of the brand's global concept represented in its stores around the world.  The façade has been conceived around the themes of sun, water, earth and time. Brilliant lighting illuminating the products in the show window represents the sun’s energetic light rays.


A stroke pattern above the displays casts shadows and reflects light – a perfect depiction of clouds, which gather water and generate rain.  Vertical tracks express rainfall.  The rain symbolizes time which is never still and never returns in exactly the same form.