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9 August 2011

OMEGA event in Rio features Eugene Cernan, the last man on the Moon


The prestigious maker of Swiss watches held an event at the Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate NASA's six manned lunar landings and to introduce its new Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo 15 Limited Edition.

The highlight of the evening was an exclusive presentation by astronaut Eugene Cernan. Cernan took part in three space missions and as commander of Apollo 17 in December of 1972, was the last human being to walk on the Moon. Joined at the event by Marcos Pontes, the first Brazilian astronaut, Eugene Cernan shared memories and historic photographs of the Apollo 17 mission with an invited audience.



The OMEGA Speedmaster, which has been part of every one of NASA's manned space missions since March of 1965, never left Cernan's wrist. "My Speedmaster was," he said, "my connection with home. During the three days I was on the Moon, I kept my watch on Houston time. That way I could follow, even from far away, the routine of my young daughter who was nine at the time. I knew that at 7 a.m. she would be going to school and that at 9 p.m. she would go to bed. I think this connection helped me deal with this incredible distance from home."



Following his presentation, Eugene Cernan and representatives from OMEGA's headquarters in Switzerland joined guests for a special cocktail party at the Bar Do Copa, one of the landmarks of Rio's legendary nightlife.