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10 April 2012

OMEGA Ladymatic presents CNN’s Leading Women – Anne-Sophie Pic


Leading Women, a CNN television series that connects its viewers to extraordinary women at the top of their chosen fields, is sponsored by OMEGA Ladymatic. The Ladymatic collection is distinguished by its bold, statement-making design and a mechanical movement widely considered to be among the best in the world.

Every month, two influential women are featured. In April, after profiling Marissa Mayer, OMEGA and CNN are introducing 3-Michelin-starred chef Anne-Sophie Pic.


Anne-Sophie Pic
3-Michelin-starred chef


Anne-Sophie Pic is the daughter and granddaughter of Michelin-starred chefs (the highest gastronomic accolade: there are only 81 3-Michelin star restaurants in the world) - yet, such is the male domination of this rarefied world that it was not a given that she would follow the family tradition and go into haute cuisine. But in 2007, with no formal training, Pic became the only woman in France to earn three Michelin stars. Pic believes her success comes because of, not in spite of, being a woman.


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