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26 June 2012

European premiere of the movie Planet Ocean


Tonight, the Centre of Fine Arts in Brussels was the scene of the European premiere of Planet Ocean, a stunning documentary directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot in partnership with OMEGA.

The 90-minute documentary, which also draws on the talents of some of the world’s leading aerial and underwater cinematographers, oceanographers and biologists, was created to change the way people look at the oceans and to encourage them to imagine conservation and stewardship as responsibilities shared by everyone on Earth.


With true cinematic prowess, the film offers the viewer a new perspective on the universe of oceans. Without being excessively moralistic, it encourages all mankind to work towards the conservation of our shared planet.


Arthus-Bertrand said of his partnership with OMEGA, "When OMEGA presented me with the Planet Ocean project, I accepted almost immediately; it was time to look at things directly, to illustrate and to denounce the dangers threatening our oceans and therefore our planet. This documentary is not intended to moralize, but rather to raise consciousness. "


OMEGA’s partnership in the Planet Ocean film was created in the spirit of its support for Peter Blake and of its decades-long support of oceanic health and exploration.