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12 July 2012

Solar Impulse uses OMEGA technology in its successful first intercontinental flight


After taking off from Rabat-Salé International airport in the Kingdom of Morocco earlier this month, the Solar Impulse landed safely at Madrid-Barajas airport in Spain before continuing to Switzerland, its final destination.

The solar-powered airplane initially took off from Switzerland on May 24th, crossing many frontiers on its first intercontinental flight.


In Madrid, the pilots had the opportunity to visit the OMEGA boutique and talk about their “crossing frontiers” mission with journalists and clients.


In terms of OMEGA’s “pioneering spirit”, the success of this mission flight underscores the dedication the brand has to looking for non-standard approaches to optimize systems and devices.


As a Main Partner, OMEGA has contributed significant technical expertise such as the OMEGA Instrument and the lightweight landing light system. The OMEGA Instrument is used to indicate the flight path and alerts the pilots if the angle of the wing exceeds a normal limit. While this light bar is incredibly readable and pilot-friendly, there is also a vibration alert set within the sleeves of the flight suit as an extra precautionary measure.


The lightweight landing light system stands out as an impressive and necessary addition to the Solar Impulse. It uses LED lights protected by strong windows made from the same resilient plastic found in Swatch watches. These lights are used with a correlation lens which amplifies the brightness. The entire light system, including the windows, wiring, power transformer and connector, weighs just less than two kilograms.


This voyage of the HB-SIA Solar Impulse can be considered as the last test of the first model. The finalizations of the layout and design of the next Solar Impulse model, HB-SIB, have already begun. OMEGA has contributed to several very specific improvements made to the new model of the Solar Impulse. The objective is to have this new model unveiled at the beginning of summer in 2013, and begin the trip around the world one year later in the summer of 2014.


Solar Impulse represents the message that progress is possible through the use of clean energy. The pioneering flight proved the airplane can fly day and night using solar-power in place of fuel. Solar Impulse is not meant to carry people or transport goods, but it is meant to be a symbol of the potential of alternative energy sources.


OMEGA remains dedicated to the further improvement of the Solar Impulse. The progress and advancement of equipment made possible by OMEGA engineers proves the commitment the brand has to a project with the potential to benefit the entire planet.