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29 August 2012

Paralympic Games Countdown Clock reaches zero – sporting spirit fills London


OMEGA returns to the Paralympic Games as Official Timekeeper prepared to record and display yet another round of historical performances in London

Armed with 215 timekeeping officials, 300 tonnes of equipment and 105 km of cable, OMEGA takes on its role as Official Timekeeper for the London 2012 Paralympic Games.


From 29 August to 9 September, elite athletes participating in 19 different sports will compete, race and push the limits of humankind’s athletic capabilities to stand atop a podium and represent their country in the biggest sporting event of its kind.


At 20 historic and contemporary venues located across London, OMEGA will employ the most accurate and precise timekeeping technology to ensure each athlete’s time or score is perfectly recorded and displayed.


The London 2012 Paralympic Games will feature OMEGA’s newest timekeeping and data handling technology which includes new athletics starting blocks, swimming touch pads and swimming starting blocks, a swimming light show and the Quantum Timer. The starting gun, which made its debut at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, will also make reappearance. 


OMEGA has worked with the IPC to ensure that the most evolved and state-of-the-art timekeeping technology is present at the Paralympics, and that the innovations fit the specific requirements for each of the disciplines and classes. OMEGA is also dedicated to routinely evaluating the status of the timing and scoring systems to ensure they are operating properly.


Flawless sports timekeeping is a defining characteristic of OMEGA’s sporting spirit. The brand takes great pride in providing the elite athletes participating in the Paralympic Games with perfectly timed and boldly displayed results, and celebrates the opportunity to take part in such extraordinary and captivating moments in athletic history.