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19 November 2012

SKYFALL Bond actress Bérénice Marlohe visits Tokyo


Bérénice Marlohe, who played the enigmatic Séverine in SKYFALL, made a public appearance today at one of the most prestigious department stores in the Tokyo area, “HANKYU Men’s TOKYO”.

After entering on a long red carpet, she talked about her role as one of OMEGA's family of brand ambassadors and also about starring in the most popular 007 film in recent memory.


Ms. Marlohe said that she is “absolutely honoured” to be an OMEGA brand ambassador. “I’m wearing the Ladymatic” she said. “I love it very much. The thing I love about OMEGA is that it is not only classical and elegant, but also they carry beauty as jewelry.”


She shared her impressions of Japan from a stage set up in the corridor between the department store’s buildings. Her appearance took place during one of the busiest times of day and many passers-by and commuters gathered to catch a glance of the international star.


Along with her OMEGA Ladymatic wristwatch, Ms. Marlohe wore an Omegamania “I Love You” ring in 18K white gold with black enamel and diamonds as well as earrings from the Omegamania Flower Collection crafted from the same materials.


Asked about her relationship with time, Bérénice Marlohe said, “Time for me is absolutely precious.  I have a feeling that you have to use it to keep on evolving all the time, and do what you want to do in your life.”


She moved on to enjoy the “007 Exhibition” in the same department store, where guests can enjoy such 007-related luxury products as OMEGA watches, Aston Martin cars and Tom Ford suits.


Ms. Marlohe talked about her time in the world of 007. She said, “I love the Bond universe – it’s a universe of freedom that I have liked since I was a kid. So when the director told me that I had been chosen, I felt extremely peaceful. I actually had a deep feeling of peace and happiness."


Following her visit to the exhibition, Ms. Marlohe appeared on stage at the film's Japanese premiere at TOHO cinemas with another guest, the London Olympic Gold medalist Ms. Saori Yoshida. Bérénice Marlohe continued her busy schedule at the Nicolas G. Hayek Center where she visited the OMEGA Boutique.

Her day in Tokyo was rounded out at the special reception at Cite du Temps on the 14th floor of the Hayek Center. Over 100 guests joined the party and enjoyed SKYFALL-themed food and beverages while a live Jazz trio played on stage. As she took to the stage, she greeted the guests and made a speech about movies and her experiences as an OMEGA brand ambassador. She enjoyed her time in Japan, telling guests, “I’m looking forward to coming back here. I fell in love with Tokyo.”