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24 March 2013

Oscar winning actress visits the Omega Boutique Vienna


To the surprise of many passers-by, Nicole Kidman and OMEGA President Stephen Urquhart visited the OMEGA Boutique Vienna at Stock-im-Eisen-Platz 3 in the centre of the Austrian capital on a cold and snowy Sunday afternoon. Following a warm welcome from Boutique manager Thomas Schmolek, the Oscar-winning actress signed a box containing an OMEGA Ladymatic watch, which she presented to Ingrid Klingohr, a representative of the Austrian charity organisation Licht ins Dunkel.

Licht ins Dunkel – the name literally translated means “light into darkness” – is a well-established and highly respected charity in Austria that raises money for people with a disabilities, with a primary focus on helping children. Furthermore, it has a specially-created emergency fund that quickly and efficiently offers financial support to families in need. The Omega Ladymatic signed by Nicole Kidman will be auctioned in January 2014 during a gala evening and the proceeds from its sale will be donated to Licht ins Dunkel.


Following the signing and presentation of the Ladymatic, Nicole Kidman and Stephen Urquhart toured the 400m² boutique, including its Museum section on the first floor. The entire boutique was lavishly decorated with images of Ms Kidman from OMEGA’s new Ladymatic campaign. The actress signed one of the posters and was introduced to the boutique staff. She told them that she envied their view of nearby St. Stephen’s Cathedral. 


Nicole Kidman meets the press in Vienna


Earlier in the day, Nicole Kidman had met groups of journalists for interviews at Vienna’s historic Postal Savings Bank, a masterpiece of modernist architectural designed by Otto Wagner in the early part of the twentieth century.


When she was asked why she had chosen to work for OMEGA, she said, “When they approached me I was honoured. I was impressed by what a great company they are. The company is amazing to work for – they take great care of you. They are also committed to philanthropic activities and have been very supportive of my work with UN Women. After all these years, we know each other very well and it’s a great relationship.” 


Concerning the role that time played in her life, the actress said, “I’ve realized that particularly as you get older, time is the most precious thing. You can’t buy it; you can’t get it back. Really, it’s the most important thing. These days, I’m always aware of how I allocate my time in terms of films and family life.” She added, “It’s strange to discuss time on a philosophical level – but it is something I love talking about.”


Omega president Stephen Urquhart was asked why OMEGA had chosen to create such a major event for the introduction of the new Ladymatic models only two and a half years after the line’s global launch in Beijing. “It really underscores how successful Ladymatic has been,” he said. “When we launched the collection in October of 2010, we were venturing into unknown territory. The fact that in March of 2013, we are introducing these models with a global event on this scale with the same spokesperson says a lot not only about the quality and design of the Ladymatic but also about continuity.”


The Postal Savings Bank where the interviews were held is considered a masterpiece in modernist Viennese architecture. It was designed by Wagner as part of a competition in 1903 and was from among 37 proposals submitted. The jury was impressed both by its design and its functionality.


Nicole Kidman’s brief tour of the OMEGA Boutique Vienna marked the end of her two-day trip to Vienna.