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11 April 2013

OMEGA Celebrates the Grand Opening of its First Boutique in Chengdu


For 165 years, OMEGA has never stopped surprising the world. Today, the Swiss luxury watchmaker and its global ambassador Zhang Ziyi jointly unveiled the brand new flagship store at Mix City in Chengdu, and launched the new models in the Constellation collection. Meanwhile, OMEGA is presenting “Feminine Interpretation of Time” OMEGA Ladies’ Watch Exhibition. Chinese supermodel Du Juan graced the event as well.

Since it first stepped into China date back to 1895, OMEGA has always honoured its commitment of developing the Chinese market and impressed the consumers  there with remarkable timepieces. Today, OMEGA is inaugurating the corporate flagship store in Mix City, located in the east core area of Chengdu’s new town, with the aim of establishing a distinguished showcase where even more Chinese watch lovers and collectors can appreciate the art of watch.


Mr. Stephen Urquhart, President of OMEGA, Mr. Wilson Yang, Vice President of OMEGA China, together with OMEGA celebrity ambassador Ms. Zhang Ziyi and supermodel Du Juan, participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the grand opening of the new flagship store.



“It is the 118th year that OMEGA has been in China. We are delighted to witness the great success OMEGA has achieved in China,” said Mr. Stephen Urquhart, President of OMEGA. He added, “With the opening of the new boutique in Chengdu, OMEGA’s network of corporate flagship store now covers the Southwest of China, which is also a great expression of OMEGA’s global market strategy. We are pleased to be able to offer our entire product line and professional service to our Chinese customers, and to communicate the abundant brand spirit to OMEGA lovers and watch aficionados.” 

The store carries the most comprehensive selection of OMEGA products, including its four main watch lines - Constellation, Seamaster, Speedmaster and De Ville, as well as the Fine Jewellery and Fine Leather collections. It also offers an elegant and comfortable shopping environment for Chengdu watch enthusiasts, bolstered by quality customer services including  in-store OMEGA watchmakers.

On the occasion of store opening, OMEGA is introducing new bicolour models into the legendary and classic Constellation collection. 

Mentioning the newly released Constellation watches, Zhang Ziyi showed her affection for the watch, saying, ”I have shared a lot of time with OMEGA Constellation. There is special emotional connection between me and this collection. The new model attracts me as well. It specially applies both red gold and stainless steel but also expresses the charm of exquisite and luxurious style with the decoration of shining diamonds.”


The OMEGA Constellation line is a dynamic, contemporary expression of a watch design that has long been an essential part of OMEGA’s heritage. The Constellation Manhattan, with the now-familiar “griffes” or claws, was launched in 1982. Now, with a flattering combination of 18K red or yellow gold and stainless steel, the Constellation bicolour models introduce a classic timepiece to a new generation.



“Feminine Interpretation of Time” OMEGA Lady’s Watch Exhibition
After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Zhang Ziyi and Du Juan enjoyed the OMEGA Ladies’ Watch Exhibition in Mix City, accompanied by Mr. Urquhart, President of OMEGA and Mr. Wilson Yang, Vice President of OMEGA China.


The “Feminine Interpretation of Time” OMEGA Ladies’ Watch Exhibition is being staged at Mix City in Chengdu from March 25th 2013 to May 5th 2013. It’s comprised of more than 130 masterworks selected from the OMEGA Museum. The extraordinary watches, selected from the 19th Century to current models, reveal the legendary history of OMEGA with a journey through well over a century.


The exhibition presents OMEGA ladies’ watches of all the stages in several themed areas: the “1898-1945” zone shows the evolution of OMEGA ladies’ watches from pocket watches and pendant watches to wristwatches with various designs, delicate details and decorative techniques including chasing, enamelling, and gem-setting. The “1945-1960” zone focuses on luxurious and gorgeous design, with noble metal elements and colourfully-designed bracelets - especially the rare concealed dial watches, revealing the modern trend of wristwatches during that time: a distinctive jewellery watch that looks just like a bracelet. The “1960-1990” zone presents masterpieces that OMEGA created in cooperation with renowned jewellery designers such as Gilbert Albert and Andrew Grima. The zone of “Prototype Design, Unique Watch and Fine Jewellery Watches” shows watches made from 1960s to 1980s, which were mainly prototypes, designs that were never been put into actual production, or award-winning watches. These watches, which primarily blended exquisite diamond decoration with multiple design styles and charming appearance, perfectly illustrate spirit of contemporary aesthetics.


The classic and elegant OMEGA ladies’ collection – including gorgeous cocktail watches, ladies’ pendant watches, rare concealed dial watches and distinctive jewellery watches – are full of feminine and vintage glamour. Through advanced materials, perfect style and detailed design, each watch is a work of creative effort, reflecting fashion, art, watchmaking technology and the culture of various eras.