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5 June 2013

OMEGA premieres Planet Ocean in Hong Kong


OMEGA has an enduring and rich maritime legacy underscored by its collaboration with environmental activist, photographer and filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot, to co-produce Planet Ocean. The 90-minute eco-documentary focuses on the world’s diverse aquatic life-forms and numerous marine habitats.

Following Planet Ocean’s global premiere in June last year in Rio de Janeiro, the Hong Kong event was staged on 5 June 2013 at the PALACE ifc Cinema in Central. This grand occasion also featured the launch of the OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M GoodPlanet wristwatch. Part of the sales proceeds of this watch will be donated to the GoodPlanet Foundation to fully fund a project to preserve the mangroves and seagrasses in Southeast Asia and educating the local population about the conservation of these important natural resources that are such a critical part of a balanced ecosystem.


During the launch, OMEGA ambassador Simon Yam, Sharon Kwok and Dr Rebecca Lee, together with other celebrities who are green-living advocates, promoted the stunning natural beauty of marine ecologies to the media in order to raise awareness of the state of the world’s oceans.


Planet Ocean was awarded Best Cinematography at the renowned 2012 Blue Ocean Festival in Monterey California. The documentary combines breath-taking aerial shots and underwater images from numerous locations to showcase sublime natural maritime wonders. Planet Ocean draws attention to the need for ocean conservation and highlights the threats facing marine ecosystems and, ultimately, humans. In 2009, Yann Arthus-Bertrand produced Home, the first full documentary to be shot entirely from helicopters covering over more than 50 countries, and which has garnered international acclaim.


Through the partnership with GoodPlanet and the launch of the documentary, OMEGA has made a commitment to support marine conservation endeavours and hopes to further raise people’s awareness of our precious underwater ecosystems.


The venue for the reception featured Planet Ocean still images taken by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, highlighting spectacular marine life-forms and natural phenomena. The images capture the fragility of these ecosystems and remind us of the need to change our lifestyles to one that that is more supportive of marine conservation.


Also present at the Planet Ocean Hong Kong premiere was Simon Yam who was involved in the shooting of documentary’s stunning Shanghai segments. “The film shows us complex marine ecosystems but in ways that allow the audience to easily understand the impact that human behaviour has on aquatic environments. It truly reflects on the importance of living sustainably for the sake of the whole planet. My daughter and I share a love of swimming, diving and underwater photography. Being in the deep is to experience another realm altogether. For the benefit of future generations, I will lead by example and urge all my staff to support marine conservation and to play their role in protecting this beautiful blue planet of ours.”


Sharon Kwok who has long been defending the world’s marine treasures said, “While appearing calm and tranquil, 80 per cent of all life-forms in fact live in the world’s oceans. A healthy ocean is able to provide life with energy and nutrients while keeping our climate in balance. Its sheer scale and diversity makes the ocean the source of all life on this planet. We must support the development of sustainable marine activities and reduce our dependence on natural marine habitats to ultimately preserve ourselves.”


Polar expert, Dr Rebecca Lee said, “Marine pollution is caused by human beings who continue living ostentatious lifestyles and have become accustomed to waste as a normal part of life. If we do not control the continued exploitation of our precious marine resources, we will have problems with all future life on earth. What we ourselves can do now is change our own habits, reduce our own wastefulness and influence others around us to do the same.”


To enable a wider audience a chance to see the documentary the film is available on DVD and will soon be accessible on the internet free of charge.


About OMEGA and the GoodPlanet Foundation
OMEGA has long been associated with the planet's oceans. In 1932, OMEGA introduced the world’s first true dive watch, the OMEGA Marine. Since then, OMEGA has proudly joined hands with luminary deep-sea explorers and oceanographers like Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Charles William Beebe, as well as “Dolphin Man” Jacques Mayol, in their contributions to marine conservation.


The GoodPlanet Foundation was established in 2005 and is committed to working and collaborating with others to respect the Earth and to protect the oceans. The organization advocates positive solutions for sustainable development and encourages the idea that everyone has a part in global conservation. Through the publication of books and other promotional material, GoodPlanet not only celebrates the breath-taking beauty of the world’s vast oceanic expanses, but also works to educate everyone on practical approaches to the preservation of precious and complex marine ecosystems. In 2011, OMEGA began collaborating with the GoodPlanet Foundation to allow people to cherish the natural beauty of our vast oceans, to draw attention to the threats facing our marine environments, and to encourage us all to protect these irreplaceable natural treasures.