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10 July 2013

Made in Switzerland: Swiss Consulate in New York welcomes Solar Impulse pilots.


Solar Impulse pilots Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg were guests of honour at a dinner party held at the Swiss Consulate at Center 548 in New York City. The two had recently completed the “Across America” trip in their HB-SIA, an airplane powered by solar energy.

The evening opened with cocktails and proceeded with a short video highlighting the accomplishments of the Solar Impulse project, followed by remarks from Piccard and Borschberg.


As a Main Partner in the Solar Impulse project, OMEGA has provided capital support and has been responsible for a number of technological contributions including the OMEGA Instrument, which helps the pilot stabilize the plane while landing it, and a lightweight (less than two kilogram) landing light system.


The Solar Impulse project is making plans to circle the globe in the HB-SIB, which is currently being constructed. Like the HB-SIA, it will be powered by energy from the sun.