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5 October 2013

OMEGA Constellation Collection Exhibition in Yantai


The “Constellation Exhibition” is held at Zhenhua Shopping Mall in Yantai from October 3th to October 15th.

The exhibition, comprised of the most prominent watches and advertisements from the years following the launch of the Constellation in 1952, reveals the history of the legendary collection and a journey through time.


The story of the OMEGA Constellation can be traced back to the 1950s. In 1948, OMEGA celebrated 100 years of outstanding craftsmanship with its “Centenary” model which was so adored by the watch community that it was reproduced four years later as the Constellation with full chronometer status. OMEGA’s Constellation also set many marvelous records in Swiss Geneva official chronometer tests.


Thirty years after the launch of the first Constellation timepiece, OMEGA introduced a new model featuring a radical and enduring design concept: the Constellation Manhattan. Its now-famous “Griffes” or claws placed it among the ranks of the world’s most instantly identifiable timepieces.


1995 marked the next major milestone for the Constellation. That was the year OMEGA started working with brand ambassadors, prominent among them was supermodel Cindy Crawford. Cindy’s advertisements for the Constellation developed, over time, into OMEGA’s My Choice campaign: an image of a popular OMEGA ambassador is displayed in the brand’s posters and advertisements along with a photograph of a watch from the Constellation family. The only text is the ambassador’s name and the words MY CHOICE. The Constellation line introduced in 1995 has, since its launch, gone on to be a favorite of OMEGA fans around the world.


The current Constellation timepieces bear a strong resemblance to their ancestors. Sophisticated round cases demonstrate the geometric beauty of the Constellation collection. The watch looks more elegant and luxurious with bright diamonds encircling the bezel. The Constellation star is at the 6 o’clock position on each dial and the famous claws have been refined and updated. Their bracelets have the familiar horizontal links but the new bracelets have been re-designed for maximum comfort and feature butterfly clasps. All the mechanical watches in the current Constellation collection are equipped with OMEGA’s proprietary Co-Axial escapement, offering reliable timekeeping performance and stability.


The OMEGA Constellation line has long been an essential part of OMEGA’s heritage. The exhibited classic and elegant OMEGA Constellation collection – including the iconic Constellation Manhattan, quartz Constellation and Constellation ladies’ watches – exhibits timeless beauty and glamour. The collection reflects fashion, art, watchmaking technology, material innovation and design excellence.