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25 October 2013

OMEGA’s 3D TV commercial wins advertising award


OMEGA’s innovative 3-D animated television commercial was awarded by Montres Passion and Ringier tonight in Geneva with the “Watch Advertisement of the Year” prize in the category “Film and Cyber”. The commercial, with its unusual length of 70-seconds, is focused on the brand’s Co-Axial technology.

Stephen Urquhart, the president of OMEGA, accepted the award on behalf of the company. He said, “All of us at OMEGA were delighted by this commercial’s ability to communicate a technical message in such an emotional way. We have been gratified by the public’s response to it and we are particularly pleased to be honoured by Montres Passion and Ringier.”



The sequences in the film unveil the perfection of nature interacting elegantly with gearwheels and other components hidden inside mechanical watch movements. These natural and man-made elements appear to be regulated – in perfectly harmonious interaction – by the clockwork gears. The images make subtle reference to themes familiar to fans of OMEGA as viewers are led on a whirlwind journey through the brand: rolling oceans, high-profile sporting events, an astronaut on the Moon and action films are suggested in constantly evolving, dreamlike sequences.