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30 October 2013

OMEGA celebrates the art of watchmaking at IFC Mall with the ‘OMEGA Co-Axial Exhibition – A Tale of Perfection’


Renowned Korean actor Ji Jin-Hee joined with OMEGA to unveil the exhibition and raise funds for The Peace and Development Foundation through a watch auction at the charity dinner.

OMEGA, the Swiss luxury brand, celebrated its pioneering spirit and dedication to the art of watchmaking with the official opening of the ‘OMEGA Co-Axial Exhibition – A Tale of Perfection’ tonight at the Oval Atrium of ifc mall. The event commemorated the state-of-the-industry technology found within OMEGA’s exquisite timepieces was unveiled by Stephen Urquhart, President of OMEGA, Kevin Rollenhagen, Managing Director of The Swatch Group HK Ltd., Jimmy Mak, Vice President of OMEGA Hong Kong and the celebrated Korean actor , Ji Jin-Hee.


Mr Ji kicked off his appearance in Hong Kong with the visit to the new OMEGA Boutique located in ifc mall in Central. He autographed on the certificate and presentation box of the limited edition of OMEGA Museum Collection Collector’s Piece Number 10 – “The MD’s Watch”.


The “MD’s Watch” artfully incorporates features from three OMEGA wrist-chrono-tachymeters which were produced in the late 1930s, and favoured by medical professionals.  It also features OMEGA’s state-of-the-art Co-Axial technology and exquisite materials. The timepiece would be generously donated by OMEGA for auction at the charity dinner tonight to raise funds for The Peace and Development Foundation (PDF). 


In the evening, Mr Ji was joined by over 150 guests at the Oval Atrium of ifc mall which was transformed into a dynamic museum space to showcase the revolutionary movements and level of precision involved in creating the Co-Axial escapement movement. Guests attended the opening ceremony included top models Jennifer Tse, Mandy Lieu, celebrity Donna Chu, William Tang, Alan Lo, Freeman Lau and Anna May Chan etc.. They were taken through a guided tour through the evolution of the escapement from its revolutionizing debut in the 1990s, to its integration into present-day OMEGA Co-Axial calibres and marvelled at some of the brand’s most important and iconic and history pieces. Among these was an OMEGA Speedmaster which was fitted with an early version of the Co-Axial escapement by the inventor of the escapement himself, the late master watchmaker Dr. George Daniels. 


The opening ceremony was started by Stephen Urquhart, President of OMEGA, who welcomed the guests and, in a short speech said, “I know that you will enjoy the exhibition and am confident that you will understand why we say that OMEGA Co-Axial technology has been a turning point for our brand.”



The significance of the Co-Axial escapement in the OMEGA story was echoed by the Korean actor Ji Jin-Hee who was keen to craftsmanship since he was a teenager. He said, “I studied craftsmanship and visual arts in school and understand how hard it is to create something new and practical to the industry. I really admired Dr. George Daniels, the inventor of Co-Axial escapement and OMEGA for their pioneering spirit in creating the watch movements widely considered to be among the best in the world.”


Followed by the opening ceremony, “A Tale of Perfection” charity dinner took place at the Harbour View Ballroom of the Four Seasons Hotel with all proceeds from the table sales being donated to The Peace and Development Foundation. The glittering dinner was joined by the city’s top celebrities and socialites including Jennifer Tse, Mandy Lieu, Kathy Chiu, Josie Zhou, Simon Chiang, Rani Lau, Melody Chan and Davis Chan, Yumiko Honda, Shirley Cheung, Virginia Yung, Diana Fung, Charles Chan, Mathew Chan and Sally Chan, Eileena Chiu and Simon Chiu, Caroline Mak and Stephen Yeung, Beatrice & Charles Brown, Rosa Ling and Cherie Jayankura etc..


The dinner began with a stunning tap dance performance imitating the “sound of movement”.  At the finale, Ji Jin-Hee appeared on stage dramatically which amazed the gathered guests.


The climax of the evening was when the limited edition of OMEGA Museum Collection Collector’s Piece Number 10 – “The MD’s Watch” was put up for auction hosted by Stephen Zhang. Rounding off a perfect evening, Stephen Urquhart presented the watch to the winning bidder. The evening’s proceeds of total HK$920K will go to The PDF’s development programme for Hong Kong youth in science and technology.


Mr Urquhart said, “We are proud to have the opportunity to support The Peace and Development Foundation and we are particularly grateful to all of you for helping this outstanding organisation continue its valuable work.”


On behalf of the organisation, Cavalier Kathy Chiu, Founder and Past Chairman of The PDF, expressed her gratitude to OMEGA for its generous support to the foundation, “We have to thank OMEGA for their contribution in our fundraising activities. Moving forward, we will strive our best to engage in the development project for the youth in Hong Kong.”


About Co-Axial Escapement & the Exhibition
Invented by the late master watchmaker, Dr. George Daniels, in the 1970s and industrialized by OMEGA’s engineers and technicians in the 1990s, the Co-Axial escapement was a vast improvement on the Swiss lever escapement and addressed the problems of lubrication that had perplexed watchmakers for centuries. It was the first practical new watch escapement in some 250 years – featuring an intermediary wheel, a double coaxial wheel, an escapement wheel and its components- and signalled a revolution in mechanical watchmaking.



George Daniels once said of his masterpiece, “It is intended to sustain the public affection for the mechanical watch during the 21st century.” It is well on its way to doing so. 


OMEGA “Co-Axial Exhibition – A Tale of Perfection” is held at Oval Atrium in ifc mall from October 30 to November 3. The exhibition is opened daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm.


For directions to the OMEGA Boutique at IFC Mall Hong Kong, please click here