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6 January 2014

OMEGA continues as title sponsor of the Monobob Series


Since 2011, OMEGA has participated actively in the development of monobob, a fast and dynamic new winter sport that was introduced in St. Moritz at the Olympic Bob Run, the world’s first and only natural bobsleigh course.

That year saw the inaugural season of the OMEGA Monobob Series and in its short history, the sport has become enormously popular – in fact, it will be included in the Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games.


Four competitions have been scheduled for the 2014 edition of the OMEGA Monobob Series and the brand will again serve not only as title sponsor but also as Official Timekeeper. The events will take place in St. Moritz on January 9th and Königsee on January 24th before returning to St. Moritz on February 9th and March 2nd.



The monobob and the solo athlete

Monobob competitions, as the name suggests, feature sleek one-person bobs. The new sport is accessible both to men and women and it allows athletes to train alone so they don't have to coordinate their schedules with colleagues.  And at around 2.30 metres in length, the monobob is also quite light, weighing only around 130 kilograms. On the track, it can reach speeds in excess of 120 km/hour and can exert a gravitational force of three Gs!


The monobob is ideally positioned to attract newcomers to competitive winter sports. Nick Hayek, the CEO of OMEGA's parent company, Swatch Group, is particularly excited about this aspect of monobob saying, "Bob has always been one of the most spectacular winter sports. Along with its aesthetic appeal, team spirit plays a big role. However, the introduction of monobob allows a whole bunch of new athletes to make first steps in this sport and the fun part will probably be as important as the latest scientific developments."


OMEGA and bobsleigh

Since 2002, provided precise and reliable times and results at events organized by the Fédération Internationale de Bobsleigh et de Tobogganing (FIBT), the sport’s governing body. OMEGA has also been responsible for the development of new timekeeping technologies in the thrilling, adrenalin-driven world of bobsleigh.