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9 February 2014

“Time is Gold“ photography exhibition unveiled at OMEGA Pavilion


Russian photographer Anton Lange displays his golden-hued artwork at OMEGA’s pop-up activity hub in Sochi.

On 9 February, OMEGA welcomed Russian photographer Anton Lange to the Pavilion to showcase his newest collection of photographs, which are inspired by the theme “Time is Gold” and famed photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson’s concept of the “decisive moment.”


“Photography and sport are much alike – they both have the ‘decisive moment’ that Henri Cartier-Bresson spoke about. For this exhibition there [is] a selection of photographs that serve as quintessential depictions of some evanescent and unrecoverable moments in time,” Lange says.



Mr Lange photographed structures in a city environment surrounded by activity to highlight the power a camera and a photographer have to capture a fleeting moment, movement or emotion and transform it into something eternal that can be cherished for lifetimes.


“I saw that the visual stories are like music or like perfumes - you do not need any additional explanation you just write the stories, you invent it like the composer invents his music,” Mr Lange said of his inspiration. “So for me it was very exciting to put together this combination of sport and sportsmen – the professionals, the amateurs – who sometimes do some strange things in the urban environment; in the urban environment of my past, of my childhood very often,” he added.


Describing the connection between the “decisive moment” and OMEGA’s role as timekeeper at the Olympic Games, the brand’s President, Stephen Urquhart, said: “The whole thing is to capture a distinctive moment. The only difference is that in timekeeping, the time is deciding the moment whereas in the world of Anton Lange he’s deciding the time for the decisive moment.”


Mr Urquhart drew comparisons between Mr Lange’s preferred photography method – film – and the brand’s commitment to mechanical watchmaking. OMEGA and Mr Lange share a passion for tradition and prefer using techniques that may be deemed “old-fashioned” when crafting and creating masterpieces, a similarity which was highlighted by the day’s event.


Mr Lange concluded the question-and-answer session by thanking the brand, saying: “Thank you to OMEGA for the idea and for this opportunity to work together. I think this is a very valuable thing in our modern world – when companies and international brands try to work with the artists to bring to an audience artistic projects and artistic results. I was very privileged to be part of this project.”


The “Time is Gold” exhibition will be on display outside the OMEGA Pavilion in Sochi’s Olympic Park for the duration of the Olympic Games and guests, spectators and athletes are welcome to visit the exhibition whenever the park is open. 



The two-storey building will serve as the brand’s pop-up home for the duration of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. OMEGA will host a number of events at the Pavilion including watchmaking demonstrations and question-and-answer sessions with a number of its prominent brand ambassadors. The OMEGA Pavilion is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m.



OMEGA was the first company to be entrusted with the Official Timekeeping of all the events included in the Los Angeles 1932 Olympic Games. Our association with the Games has led to more than 80 years of pioneering developments in the field of sports timekeeping and in Sochi we will assume the responsibilities of Official Timekeeper for the 26th time.


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